How do I delete a SnapCloud VM?

To remove a SnapCloud VM log into your Azure Portal account.
Click on 'Browse All' on the left hand menu bar
In the search box, type the name of your SnapCloud VM.


You should see up to 6 resource items listed:


Virtual Machine
Network Security Group
Public IP Address
Virtual Network
Storage Account
Network Interface


These need to be removed in order or you will receive errors.


First stop the SnapCloud VM by clicking on it's icon to open it's options. Next click the stop button.
Once it has stopped, you can then delete it using the delete button.

Next delete the Network Interface
Next remove the Public IP Address
Then comes the Network Security Group
And the Virtual Network
Lastly the Storage Account


Note that if you have other Virtual Machines assigned to a common Network Security Group, Virtual Network or Storage Account, you will not be able to delete these resources.